Mindful Life = Better Life

As I entered this class I was not really aware of all of the wicked problems our world was facing. I knew there was bad things going on in the world we live in today, but I never really payed attention to them. I was never mindful of them. Nor did I even know what it meant to be mindful of a situation. But through our readings and lectures I now have realized that to be mindful means to be fully aware of what is going on within ourselves and and outside in the world without shying away from your feelings or the information you retain about the situation you are put into or learning about. There are ways that you can train yourself to be more mindful. The ones that stuck out to me were mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is living in the moment and paying attention to one’s entire experience. Loving-kindness meditation is when you are more aware of your surroundings and you evoke more positive emotions. Practicing mindfulness daily will directly carry over to a more sustainable lifestyle.
When you practice mindfulness you become healthier and your emotional well-being increases, ultimately causing an impact on how we view sustainability, because it increases your empathy and compassion which could improve your social relations. Like Marc Cohen says in his TED talk, wellness is multidimensional. He tells us that we can we can advance our health buy using a meditation and workout routines, developing a healthier diet, and using complementary medicine. He tells us that the things or people that bring us up are called blissors. And they improve our wellness, and they way we remember that is the W-E in wellness. If we are focused on us as a group and our well-being then we are a blissor. A stressor are things or people that bring us down. These things are illnesses. And the way we remember is that the I in illness; if we are only focuses on ourselves and things that benefit us we are becoming ill.
When I read the No Article I realized that the origin of the western culture is focused on the consumer culture and the consumption trend, which leads to a global culture excess. The lack of key institutions, rule of law, poverty rights, and free and open markets is the real problem of the western culture. The real problem is due to the human activities like the burning of more fossil fuels, turning land into urban areas, and eating more meat. The western society is more focused on the social aspect of the work like money, politics, materialistic things, social classes, and the belief that humans are superior to nature.
The problem that I am researching that I want to learn more about is the pollution of the ocean. All of the trash that we don’t want goes straight to the ocean and it is killing off the ecosystems in the oceans. It contaminates the their environment and it can eventually cause the extinction of the marine life. In our wildest thing we can up with an energy powered machine that detected the trash so we could dive down and clean up the pollution before it harms any of the ecosystems and the species living in them. If everyone would be more mindful of the problems around them and tried to change a little bit out of there day to make the world a more sustainable place then the world will eventually be a better place for all.

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