This week in class we discussed the concept of being mindful. This term means to be aware of ones own self and actions. Being mindful helps a person to slow down and take in the world in this single moment. Its less about worrying about your future, and more about noticing the moment you’re in. Being in the moment allows you to appreciate the everyday things. Im thankful I wake up everyday, but that is not something I think about often. I need to remind myself to take a step back from reality and just meditate for a moment each day. During the TED talk we watched in class, I learned that people have an altered view of the world when they are not practicing being mindful. If you aren’t mindful, then you tend to have a more self perceiving image of the world. People get so caught up in their very day lives and problems, but they forget to remember that there are 7 billion people on this planet, with many more problems than you.

We also participated in a class assignment that exercised our creativity and allowed us to think outside of the box. I think this was very important to sustainability because these are very complex problems with many moving parts. We cannot solve these drastic issues if we are not think about things differently than our ancestors. Generations before us started creating these problems, and we are continuing the destruction everyday. Something must change, but nothing can change until someone believes in something radical and makes a move.

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