Mindfulness and Sustainability

My thoughts on mindfulness has developed majorly since this class started. It has taught me about being sustainable, and being involved more thoroughly in our environment. It has also taught me a lot about meditation, which has helped me more than I could have ever known. Incorporating meditation into my life has helped me to take that outside of the classroom, and I have become to learn more about being mindful since. It has already become very important in my life. Which brings me to think about Marc Cohen’s Ted Talk and how he touches on many points about happiness, and mindfulness. I really enjoyed learning about how we also find wellness when we find happiness. Also, that happiness is inside of you, and that you can find happiness wherever you may go. Marc Cohen’s talk and the mindfulness and sustainability reading inspired me, it taught me about positivity and happiness together and how that affects a person’s well-being.

In my investigative paper I am choosing to talk about the wicked problem, world hunger. This problem has multiple issues that are very complex. World hunger is not only caused by a lack of food, there are many other aspects that contribute. Hunger and food sustainability must be taken more seriously, and understood as societal problems. If we can learn to become more mindful and sustainable, we can help to save many people, but also our agriculture. The responsibility mapping and wildest thing activity, made start thinking more about my investigative project and how brainstorming, even over something silly, can spark something inside of you to want to dig deeper. That project helped me realize what I had to do to come up with solutions for my wicked problem. I was a part of the yes reading, it was interesting to learn about globalization and to hear the opinions of both sides. I did not fully agree with the yes group, although some of the points it made such as bringing new information to other countries and helping them in a way that was different for us.

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