Mindfulness and why people need to start being more mindful.

I have known what mindfulness was way before starting this class but never really deeply thought about it until being in this class. Mindfulness means to be aware of what is happening around you. I believe that everyone in this world needs to work on being more mindful and just be more aware of the things that are happening in this world and all around us. I also learned a lot about meditating and how that also helps with mindfulness and sustainability. We have meditated a couple of times in class and it really helps you focus and also helps you become more mindful while doing it. While watching and listening to Marc Cohen’s TED talk in class he talked a lot about mindfulness and how happiness can also lead people to wellness. His TED talk was very interesting he talked about how if you are happy then you are well and how these things go hand in hand. If one of those things is off then they are both off. You can not have wellness without happiness. The “Yes-No” reading we had to read and discussed in class talked about globalization and sustainability and just how we humans are treating this world. It taught me that we need to start being more mindful and taking better care of the environment.

In class on Thursday, we did the wildest things worksheet as a group and passed it around the room to other groups. This activity was very fun and interesting. It helped me think about what I dream of this earth to be and what I hate about it and it helped me use my brain to come up and think of solutions for these wicked problems. For Activity 2 I decided to choose plastic waste and how it has polluted clean water and harmed marine animals and how we need to put a stop to this because soon some animals will become extinct and we will run out of clean water which everyone on earth needs to survive. This is a wicked problem because we have been using plastic for many years and it is an ongoing problem and we need to figure out what we are going to do to help this problem and help stop plastic pollution.

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