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Do not dwell in the past do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment (Buddha). The mindfulness is the process of being good in order to concentrate on the present. It is the process of training your mind giving it the peace which is required to think more critically. In the definition of the mindfulness, it is not to shy but being more active in order to diffuse the problems which are coming in the way of your critical thinking. For an instance, if a woman or man had done something which he/she should not do but now she/he is thinking over and over again on that act actually restricting him to concentrate how to improve the situation. It is just considered as the loophole in which a person is trapped and not able to get out of it. An example can be taken from the person who had financial issues and having bad health. He is not able to support himself for the medication hence he is thinking about it again and again. His finance becomes a stressor for him and causing him mentally ill. He is not able to think about the solution but his problems are going to increase which he is not able to understand at that time. In this situation, a person makes himself mentally ill and will not be able to recover from the present issues but he is welcoming the future issues in which this financial stressor will work more effectively and keep him in dark room. In my opinion, as mentioned in the Buddha quotation a person should focus on the present situation.

As mindfulness is the key towards the sustainability. If we take the example of the person who had the better condition of his mind and he is active in his critical thinking then he will mistake less. From the notes an example can be drawn for the person who is having the financial issues or having issues with his wife in the home will do mistakes on the road. For example, a person shown in the movie Death of a salesman. In the similar fashion, a person makes more mistakes in his life and leads towards no extract from the life without the sustainability. In contrast to this movie, another movie pursuit of happiness shows the opposite personality of a person who struggles for himself even he had the worst feelings from the surrounding but he was able to sustain himself. So, when a person feels good he acts good and behaves well in his surroundings. If a person had unhealthy or unstable condition it spoils around its surrounding and acts in a wrongful way.

Now talking about our environmental condition. The first response is that poverty is one of the reasons for making the degradation of our environment. In the second argument, poverty is not responsible but the factor which is responsible is the not right governance and lag of the support to the people to act. From the personal point of view poverty is the reason and also people are not acting in the right manner. As we are living in the world and it is connected with each other. Humans having a connection to the environment and human had a connection with animals. A human had a connection with the chemical and everything around us even human had connections with space. So being creative I will consider that only human is the major problem. In the aspect of mindfulness, we are still illiterate we are not considering ourselves responsible for the degradation of the earth. Just look in the 50 years ago we were living in the better condition. Now moving back to the early history of the human we were in best condition. So, an addition of the human to this planet cause the major issues. As the law of chemistry says matter cannot be created nor destroyed but during the chemical reaction it changes from one form to another form. It is fact that we are extracting the material and changing it to the waste and dumping it without converting in the right form. Actually, the problem is that we had fewer resources, Skills and less education. We come to know how to create a product but we never consider the impact of the creation of that product. In the similar fashion, a human had created the atomic bomb and used it in 1945 without considering the responsibility we own from the earth! We had brains and we can think more critically just we need to understand our problems and current condition and making the right remedies will help us to explore more. We had mathematics, physics, and other science subjects but there is no subject related to global health.

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