Mindfulness in Relation to Sustainability

The topic of mindfulness was foreign to me before this class. Now it has opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about being sustainable and contributing to a more environmentally friendly world. Now I know that being more sustainable starts with individual awareness, being happy with oneself, and being healthy. But, what I learned from the ‘Mindfulness and Sustainability’ reading, as well as the TED talk from Marc Cohen is that to be sustainable you also have move from individual awareness and be minful of the fact that the negative impacts that humans are having on the environment impacts futire generations, as well as the many other species that also occupy our planet.

I read the YES reading for class and even though I did not fully agree with the fact that globalization is good for the environment, it was interesting to read and think about that perspective. I did agree with the fact that globalization can bring new and innovative information to develpoing countries, and and I thought it was interesting that it touched on land ownership and how that can possibly lead to the preservation of land. But that could also lead to the destruction of land if the owners of that land are wealthy, like politicians or business owners, who want to expand and grow for financial gain.

The wildest thing worksheet we did in class showed me how I can work through certain wicked problems and come up with solutions on a more indivudal level, as well as a local and community level. For example, the emissions from cars result in pollution, so one way to work through that would be to get more encouragement for people to use electric cars. To do that in Stillwater, Oklahoma we would need to have more stations to charge electric vehicles, and it would require the support from local politicians, and even politicians at the state level to get peoples attention and promote it. Even the promotion from car dealerships as well. We could also encourage people to carpool more as well as bike and walk depending on distance from destination. That worksheet made me realize that it is not super difficult to come up with certain solutions to wicked problems on a smaller scale, but implementing them could be difficult, and getting it to where those smaller scale solutions lead to a larger scale will take a lot fof time and effort.

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