Mindfulness should be normal

Within the past 4 years, I have become progressively more aware of the whole entire world. I mean not only littering and using resources but, climate change and how we all need to become more aware of it, so at least the thought is there and it will build. Mindfulness to me is not only being aware of yourself and others but, the whole entire world. In the excerpt, mindfulness can be expressed in several ways. It also states that becoming mindful is not just changing the way one thinks but, the way one reacts to a certain situation. Becoming mindful hopefully helps one become more sustainable. In the article, they talk about a study that concluded with them finding being aware is correlated with sustainable behavior. I read the No side of the Clashing Views in Sustainability article. Growing population causes more fossil fuels, minerals and metals have been mined. Trees are being cut down, putting increasing pressure on the earth; which is disrupting the ecological systems. Which humanity and other species depend on. In the article they said that there are disastrous changes within the next century. We all need to reduce the use of cars and gas emissions, eliminate waste, and stop making trash/plastic nature can not digest.  I am looking into deforestation. It is a worldwide problem and people are chopping down trees at an alarming speed. These trees are producing CO2 and the more we chop down the faster we will run out. The wildest thing activity correlates with what I am looking into because on each paper that was traded around deforestation was on all of them. It might be hard to find a solution that works worldwide however, I was thinking there could be several solutions that fit the criteria each area needs.

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