Mindfulness, the source of happiness

In my opinion, mindfulness means focusing deliberately on what is happening in the present moment without judging it. Mindfulness also involves accepting, which means we pay attention to thoughts and emotions without judgment. Through our breath, we observe thoughts and emotions come and go without questioning “right” or “wrong” so as not to be entangled in an internal debate in a certain moment. Instead of letting life pass, mindfulness will help us live in the present moment and awaken our present experience rather than relying on the past or predicting the future. The practice of mindfulness helps us to reduce stress in our lives and to benefit our physical strength. Mindfulness brings about changes in the mind and gradually attains long-term happiness. It evidenced through the readings “Mindfulness and Sustainability.” Mindfulness has positive effects on both happiness and empathy and can promote awareness of the true value of an individual. Mindfulness can increase compassion and understanding which helps improve social relations. Mindfulness affects our sustainability behavior. Marc Cohen also talked about how mindfulness can bring happiness and wellness through his TED Talk. There is a point I derive from Cohen’s TED Talk that material and values that contribute to happiness are a false way of thinking. Material only brings temporary happiness, while mindfulness can increase well-being and decreasing financial desire. Last, we can practice mindfulness through meditation. I also learned how to meditation in class last week. With two different types of meditation that the professor show to the class, I felt relaxed and peaceful.

The “Yes-No” reading I had to read and discussed in class talked about globalization and sustainability. In my opinion, globalization either can be good and bad for the environment. It depends on how humans treat it. For example, we can trade with the techniques that can promote the environment, transfer the high technology so that can protect the environment. In class, I was involved in a small activity about Wildest Thing. I find this activity very interesting; especially it helps me brainstorm to think of ways to solve the problem. I think this is an excellent way to brainstorm, help me think faster. Through Activity 2, I find out that in the fashion industry many wicked problems currently do not have effective solutions, and one of those is how to recycle textiles without damaging to the environment.

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