Pause… Breathe… Meditate…

When I think of mindfulness words like kind, considerate, and thoughtful come to mind. Up until the readings and discussions we’ve had over mindfulness I have thought that I’m a very mindful person, but now I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong I don’t now think I’m some sort of evil person just not as mindful as I once thought I was. We discussed how being mindful was more than just separating the regular trash from the recyclables. It really is starting with opening your mind eyes to how the world really is by meditating and taking those moments out of your day just to get your mind right. We discovered those who actually take time to meditate and breathe are more susceptible to mindfulness and to living a sustainable lifestyle than those who don’t. They are also more likely to believe that one person really can make a difference. For a while I’ve been the person that thinks a drop in the ocean won’t make a difference and after talking about how it actually does and how sustainability starts with one person, myself, that’s what lead me to the conclusion I might not be as mindful as I think I am. After being in class I’m ready to change my mindset and way of thinking so that I can be more enlightened and mindful. Marc Cohen said “It is hard to be happy if you’re not well.” We as college students put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve and do well that we forget to worry about our happiness and wellness. So as of right now on September 3, 2018 at 2:48 pm I am making my wellness and happiness a top priority for myself, because how can I expect to be great if I’m not even well? Choosing to make sure your wellness and happiness is in balance is choosing a life with sustainability was another thing he mentioned in his TED talk. Being in the right mind means you’re able to go out and help others and then they become mindful and help someone else and it’s this big domino effect and helps our society come closer to having a sustainable ecosystem. In the mindfulness and sustainability reading it talked about all the different types of methods of meditation you can do to enlighten yourself and different practices you can take. In our learning communities we talked about the diagram that was in the article. Mindfulness, well-being, values, empathy, and compassion all lead to sustainable behavior.  In the last reading we did my learning community took the no side of the argument and it was interesting in the article how they talked about the lifestyle that we live and how we can’t reverse what we’ve done. It would take decades and we would have to completely change our way of living. We are a society based on consumerism and buying the latest of anything and everything. It’s not realistic for us to say that we’re gonna just up and abandon the way of living that we have be come accustomed and used to over so many decades. It’s a nice idea to think that brands and companies actually want to make sustainable products that don’t do any harm to the environment but the sad truth is that most don’t care about that sort of thing and that if they do it’s usually for the sake of their image and not that they really care. The wild things activity we did in class was interesting because we got to see what everyone thought some issues are in the world and the different perspectives were some I hadn’t even thought about before. Actually one of the papers that we saw had listed something about biodiversity and that’s what inspired my activity two problem statement. I had remembered in problem solving we watched a TED talk about bio mimicry and I thought it was fascinating but I also remember thinking if we just took better care of the wild life and all the different species then we wouldn’t have to worry about things like bio mimicry. I think I’m learning so much by exploring the problem of biodiversity like that without it we would end up like the people from Easter Island and become cannibals. I’m interested to see how much and what else I learn while I’m in this course. I’ve discovered that I find sustainability very fascinating and I’m even thinking about declaring a minor in it.

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