Sustainability and Me

Sustainability is a point of all life, whether it has or has not affected you personally. Sustainability has evolved as a definition with technology changing what it means to be sustainable. With our society on a serious uphill climb in consumption, the time to be sustainable is now or we will face a serious crisis soon. The Easter Island people would have been at a similar crossroad at the same point in their society. The decision that they chose to make was to not be sustainable and eventually it led to the extinction of the tribe, as all of their natural resources ran dry. The world today is in the same situation, just at a much more alarming scale. This has caused the world to be concerned in unique, “solution-less,” urgent problems. These problems are known as “wicked problems.” The lack of a clear solution is the key separation between a wicked problem and a tame problem. This wraps back to sustainability, as none of the other issues at hand matter if there is no world for them to exist on. The 11th hour is a film depicting some of the tragedies occurring already as a result of climate change and waste. History always has a way of repeating itself and at the rate the Earth is going we will soon be extinct.

These environmental issues being faced are not something that is someone else’s problem anymore. This is something that every individual has to do their part to make a change. The culture surrounding us is the newest, shiniest thing has to be in our possession as fast as possible. This is something that will have to shift in order to remain able to live on this Earth. We need to learn from the past and not make the same mistakes.


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