The importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the concept of individuals being aware of ourselves and the world we live in. I find it concerning that so many people know about the state of our environment and how poorly it is being treated yet they are not doing anything to fix it. To better our current environment people need to start changing the patterns in which we live. A simple way to start could be as simple as using reusable bags when we go to the grocery story. On average when I go to buy groceries once a week I use a minimum of 3 plastic bags. That is just one individual, now imagine everyone in the world using 3 plastic bags once a week. There is so much unnecessary waste that has simple solutions but people are simply too lazy. People need to focus on their mindfulness not only for the ecosystem but also for their own well-being. When we start to focus on ourselves we as well begin to focus on the world around us and how we treat it.

A wicked problem that I would like to focus on while in this class is Obesity in America. This correlates to mindfulness in that we need to become aware of what we put into our body and fuel it in such a way that is beneficial. Marc Cohen touched on this in talk and how it can be difficult to be content in life if you are not well. This correlates since individuals are working more yet having less money, they begin to think of ways that they can save money. They often neglect to think about the nutrition they should be putting in their body. For many it is easier to go through a fast food drive thru rather than cooking a well-balanced meal. Eating out isn’t necessarily bad, there are foods that are good but the problem occurs that healthy food is often times more expensive than the better tasting junk food. Having people be more mindfulness to themselves to the world can significantly impact both. How can we as individuals influence ourselves to be more mindful?

We should care about the world around us and how we treat it. I think it is important for us to think about what we want to change, think why we want to make this impact, then think of how/ what we can do to change it in our lives and the world around us. Although we should be dreaming big we should also be looking at realistic solutions that can make an impact today. Educate others about how we can improve our world and bodies. You can be the change in the world today.

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