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Growing up my parents raised me to always be mindful of what I was saying, thinking, and how I was acting. When ever I thought of mindfulness, I always related it to being mindful of the people around me. Not once growing up did my parents ever tell me to be mindful of nature. I’ve come to discover that being mindful with nature can connect you in a way that makes you aware of your surroundings and how you not only interacting with nature, but being aware of everything else you re doing as well. Marc Cohen talked about how if we as humans can meditate on positive thoughts, we can ultimate change the way we think which changes our actions which then leads to a chain reaction to the people around us. We tend to limit the universe by allowing ourselves to believe that we are separate from it. But when you are really mindful of your surroundings and the way you are interacting with nature, you quickly come to realize that the universe and people are connected as one.


Mindfulness can be a major factor when thinking about sustainability. If any real change is going to happen, it starts with recognizing a problem which starts with being in tune to the things around you. So how do we change the way people think, and what contributes to the values that go against sustainability? Western culture is said to have values that portray a consumer culture. It’s the idea that the environment is for the taking without thinking about some of the major problems that come with that that that create some of these wicked problems. People instead of thinking about how their consumerism is effecting the environment are thinking about their needs and how they can get more and more and more. A fact that stuck out to me was that 50% more of natural resources are being used than they were 30 years ago. That’s double the amount in just 30 years, so when thinking about a lifetime average of about 70 years how drastically the environment can change and these wicked problems become worse and worse.


Deforestation is a problem that our society is facing everyday, and the problem is becoming worse and worse. Trees do so much for us, things that a lot of times we take for granted so we end up tearing them down, forgetting about how crucial they actually are. Diving into this topic has actually brought me back to what being mindful looks like because so many people who contribute to this problem so often overlook the connectedness between human life and the life of something as simple as a tree. They provide some of our everyday needs such as clean air and water absorption. Reading about this problem has made me realize that a lot of the things we are taking from the environment we don’t even know the drastic change it can cause in the everyday life of a human, and living organisms.


Becoming mindful is a way to not only improve your connection with humans, but the universe as a whole. When we are mindful of the things around us we can start a chain connection to those around us which can lead to a positive impact not only in our thinking, but for our environment.

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