My Impact – Week 3 Blog

This week in class, there were a lot of great discussions furthering our knowledge of Wicked Problems in the world. One of our readings over Fashion and Sustainability discussed how the fashion industry faces so many different components when designing for a sustainable future. Something I took away from this reading and discussion was how design is a great start for living a sustainable life. We have the power to change the way people live their lives through our designs! Designing for humility is taking into account more than we usually do. By taking into consideration how our choices effect the environment, we are able to design for more than just ourselves. Leyla mentioned the scope of our effects on the environment in the TED talk we watched in class. By focusing on a design led system change, design is able to be in control of the way we blaze our future. Consumption may be the biggest problem today, but design is the solution. In the poverty reading we focused on Thursday, we discussed how poverty can be in direct correlation to environmental degradation. While I read the yes side to the argument, I found that my views didn’t line up necessarily with the writer’s. With a comparison of our developed country versus an underdeveloped one, I was left wondering if it was even a plausible argument. While we do have the resources and capabilities to be more sustainable here in America, we still choose not to. We are a large part of the environmental degradation that is affecting us today. Something I also thought was interesting discussed in class was the idea of biophillia. I’ve always thought about our impact on the environment, but didn’t take the time to consider how much of an impact our environment has on us! I find that using biomorphic forms and patterns in our work as designers is going to have such an impact on humankind. We are able to bring together two worlds that seem to have become so separate lately. Something that is standing out more to me about the climate change wicked problem is that we are the ones that are able to solve it. I’ve always felt like I am incapable of making much change because I am young and a student. But shouldn’t that be what empowers me? I have the world at my fingertips and am able to help in the efforts to solve this phenomenon. In the Story of Stuff video we watched Thursday, it was explained that there are two different times of obsolescence: planned and perceived. Planned means that the products are design for the dump. Perceived is designed to be thrown away in perfectly useful condition. It actually shocked me to hear that there are things being created today for the purpose of being put into landfills. It seems like a waste of time, effort, and natural resources to simply acquire money. I’ve been able to notice sustainable efforts all around me since I have taken this course. The recycling bin in my sorority house definitely doesn’t get the attention that it deserves and I find myself catching people from throwing away aluminum and plastic containers into the normal trash cans. Even being mindful of my fuel consumption and walking to class instead of taking my car is something I’ve started to do. It actually helps me to connect with nature in a more intimate way before I go to class, which I have found to be rejuvenating and lovely.

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