The poverty of the fashion industry For this blog when I was looking at the pointers I really only saw two words, poverty and fashion. For the last 3 years I have worked in women’s fashion retail and have learned more than I ever thought I would learn in a job. Not just about retail but also the management side of retail, for the last 6 months I have been a manager at Ann Taylor Loft a very big corporation. We’ve been talking a lot in class about sustainability in the fashion world which is a hard and difficult problem to solve since fashion is forever evolving and changing. I know I am just one 20 year old girl that probably isn’t going to be able to change the world but being a manger at a retail store maybe I could help make a slight different and here is how. At almost every retail store things get “damaged” this could be something as simple as a tiny little thread coming loose but it’s not perfect so you have to “damage it out” and this process includes ripping the “damaged” garment to shreds and then throwing it away. Why tear it to shreds? Because when you throw it away someone could dig through the trash and find an almost perfect garment, this example is one of retails biggest down falls and a perfect example of how the retail industry is not sustainable at all. Its quit honestly pretty sad to me. This week we also talked about poverty and how big of a problem it is but we also talked about the problem of fashion sustainability. Well, I have a solution to both of these problems. In the ted talked with Leyla she talked about things being just overall better for the earth and things being more efficient. Well, people who are in poverty probably don’t have the best kept up clothes so why doesn’t the retail industry recycle there damaged products to the population of the world in poverty instead of throwing it in a landfill somewhere, why wouldn’t we want to help the people in poverty and the world as a whole by not throwing “damaged” clothes in landfills. This seems like such a simple and harmless fix to me but people who work in the fashion and retail industry are all about making money nothing is ever as simple as “free” or a “donation”. Will the fashion industry ever change their ways? I could only hope so.

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