Blog 3


Taking this course has really allowed me to think about my own sustainability journey. To think about how I live my everyday life and what small changes I can do to better the environment. What can I do to be mindful of the environment around me? It is so easy to change small habits in our life to make a large impact for our future. I decided to change my wicked problem to be a topic, which would relate to my interior design major. I decided to talk about the over consumption of materials and how they are not being properly disposed of when the user wants to discard these items. After hearing Leyla’s Ted Talk she allowed me to become more aware of our issue that is overconsumption. With the example of the Teakettle this also made me think about how much waste humans have. Not just in resources like water but also in physical possessions such as furniture. In this day and age we constantly want the newest products. We leaned more about this in “fashion & sustainability” and “Story of stuff” fashion is constantly changing and with these corporate companies making us believe we need newer products we need to create pieces that allow for these products to be better for the ecosystem when they are discarded. The best option for this issue would be to recycle and use as much products as we can to allow for minimal waste. As students going into the field of interior design we need to begin to ask ourselves what we can do to contribute to this change? When we start our work how can we educate our clients on the importance of sustainability? What we do now makes such a significant impact on our society for the future; we need to be the change we would like to see in the world.

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