Blog 3

I honestly feel guilty about not putting in consideration how much I buy in clothing. I love clothing, fashion and staying up with the latest trends, hence why I choose to study merchandising apparel. I will admit I sometimes have a problem with buying clothes that I will probably never wear just because it’s a good price. However after reading ‘fashion & sustainability’ I want to be more smart & sustainable with purchasing clothing from here on out. I think when deciding to choose to be in this field you have a choice to make to design between designing clothing for the greater good of the environment or the greater good for your business. We have a huge part of being able to help the environment with being in the fashion industry. As a industry as a whole we need to stop over producing cheap quality of clothing that are going straight to land waste. We need to reuse old materials instead of creating new ones and recreate new designs with old fabrics. For activity three I have decided to change my wicked problem from climate change to fabric waste within the apparel industry. With my new wicked problem, activity three has helped me research and gain more knowledge on this wicked problem of wasteful fashion. Learning about this problem has helped me realize what I can do to put my effort in to minimizing the problem as well as educating those around me on how to reuse old clothing and to stop from over buying.


One of the biggest things that stood out to me from Leylas ted talk was when she mentioned that over 16 billion phones are going to waste every year and that phone company’s are producing more phones faster than the birth rate. Meaning that we have more phones in the world than we do people. How sad is it that, that we as a society have to feel the need to produce a device so quickly that will only further distance us from those around us. I cant even remember how many phones that I have had in my short of a lifetime. I got my first phone when I was ten years old, I would estimate that I have had over ten phones alone within the past eleven years. That means just me alone has averagely bought a new phone every year, that’s a big number when considering the waste that I have contributed.


I don’t think we need to blame the poor for our consumer problem as a society. If anything the people who are able to afford more waste more because they consumer more then they think they need just because they can afford to buy it. We shouldn’t be blaming anyone on why we are having a sustainable issue, instead we need to be focusing on how we can consume less and reuse what we already have.


My sustainability journey so far is pretty sad, I’m a girl that likes to shop and with that comes a lot of clothes. I do donate all of my old clothing to goodwill, but from now on I’m going to try to be more sustainable when shopping. I’m going to try to stop buying things just because it’s a good price if I don’t actually need it, this goes for both grocery shopping and clothes shopping. However in my future career within the fashion industry I hope to remain sustainable with buying clothing for a company or designing something.

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