Blog 3

Honestly this week in class was very confusing to me. I still do not fully understand design for humility or aesthetic obsolescence. Leyla’s TED talk was interesting to me though. I thought it was cool how she explained that neither paper or plastic was necessarily better than one another. It all just depends on how we are using the products. It stood out to me that she also talked about the West “recycling” our old phones into third world countries. It’s awful because we in The United States can’t even comprehend how that would effect our lives here. They are literally burning phones 20 feet away from their homes. They are constantly breathing in that smoke and those nasty chemicals.

Biophillia is an awesome concept to me because I feel like it takes a lot to get to that level of connection with nature. In order to have that you need to be self aware already and a lot of people aren’t these days. Biophillic design is really cool as well because I have seen it every day. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a building in my hometown and it was made to look like a tree. So having something like that close to home was very cool to experience. I never really thought about how fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand until this class. It is hard because the biggest fashion companies are usually the biggest wasters. They would rather throw out their clothes instead of sending them to department stores at a marked down price. It is hard for companies to admit that their products did not sell as well as they thought it would.

Fashion is not just clothing. It is anything that can be worn whether that is clothes, watches, accessories, or jewelry. A lot of these things/ parts to these fashion items are tossed when they’re not being worn anymore. A lot of the time when they’re being thrown out, it ends up in the ocean and this just causes a spiral downward. My wicket problem is ocean pollution and I never really thought that clothes or accessories could end up in the ocean but it really does happen. During this course I have been able to put a lot of pieces together and learn more about the industry. I have actually taken steps to recycle and use less plastic based products. I never fully comprehended the kind of impact I have as a single person on this planet. I now understand why this class is important to take for this degree.

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