Can You Spare Some Change?

The phrase “Can you spare some change?” is something that, in today’s society, could mean more than ever. The social norms being carried out in industrial practices are sending the world on an ever slippery downhill slope. Change being made is something that needs to be demanded at a consumer level. Corporate practices of needing to expand and grow by any cost necessary is a theory that needs to go with the wayside. Like mentioned in the article over fashion and sustainability, creativity is something that can lead to help or harm. The USSR did not allow individuality and it made the nation suffer. Individuality leads to creativity, which leads to innovation, and without innovation the world would stay the same. Creativity can also lead to indulgence in innovation. The act of being sustainable is inhibited by technological advancements at times. The desire to want the next brightest thing is fed relentlessly in modern times. This leads to more waste than any other period in history. Trends like these will not subside unless a change is demanded by consumers, so I ask “Can you spare some change?”


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