Enjoying the journey

Every week my mind keeps getting blown away by all the topics we talk about in class. This week was really interesting to me because we got to talk about fashion sustainability and merchandising. Some of the pro’s listed in the fashion sustainability article were fashion in design foster creativity and exploration of new items. There is always freshness keeping us interested and entertained. When thinking about some of those pro’s I contemplated if they really were pro’s or do they really have a con effects to our planet. About a year ago I stopped shopping at fast fashion companies after learning the detrimental effects it has on our planet. I thought those store were amazing, always new items on the shelves and for a very cheap price. After reading this article it all make sense. The new freshness of the products every week kept luring me back in. I looked at it like a challenge and was eager to find the best deal. The con’s in the article I found to be very true. One in particular was without form of restraint the emphasis of newness, novelty and innovation can become if not more damaging to people and the environment than one that stagnates. This hit home with me because after thinking about all the companies I shop at and how they are becoming if not already showing little restraint with consumer goods. We have this buy, buy, buy mentality and we don’t ever think the whole system through.

This leads me to Leyla’s ted talk which talked about systems and how we every decision that we make affects one of the systems such as humans, product, and out planet. We need to design products that take the strain off out natural environment. Similar to biophilia connections we subconsciously seek with the rest of life. We need nature to sustain life and happiness. So She talked about paper and plastic bags and which one has the greater impact on the environment and it turned out that paper tends to use more natural resources and it is heaverier. Functionally defines environment impact! When we were reading the poverty reading I looked at it as a system. Talking about it in class and realizing that we need to help people below the poverty line gain a sustainable practice by teaching them the trade to sustain the action will be far more beneficial in the long run, rather than just giving them resources. I think that tied into Leyla’s talk and how she said that as humans we like to give simple easy solutions to complex problems.

This is why I chose textile waste as my topic for the final paper. While researching for activity 3 I was amazed at all the statistics I found. The average person throws away 70 pounds of clothes and other textile waste annually. It estimated that 3.8 billion pounds of post consumer waste each year, leaving 85% in our landfills. This has me speechless. I have been researching different waste to reduce, reuse, and recycle.I found that people are recycling old denim pants into house insulation. I can’t wait to keep exploring this topic and keep expanding my knowledge because this is a huge topic and we just need to figure out a better system. My sustainable journey is flourishing and expanding the way I think and act. I am now a conscious consumer and tend to be the rest of my life!


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