Fashion and Sustainability

Humans are surrounded by the taste culture and many other social norms which is part of the fashion we own and living with that style. As the fashion is a style which creates the difference between the old and the new way of style of living. As this is evolving so human taste buds change with the passage of time.

To see the reality, we had related about the fashion is that we own the cars, phones and other commodities from the market which create the fashion. Just look at the few decades when you had encountered the first phone which enables the person to communicate with the other using the mobile phone device. Now, look at the person holding the mobile phone which is smarter than the person holding a phone in the year 2000. This is the reality as the fashion is evolving. One statement which is related about the companies who are making the profits are greedy in for their profits. On this point, I disagree to call it greed but it is something which pushes us to be more creative in our lifestyle. Fashion covers almost all areas of the life even in the military services the equipment they are using is better from the previous one. It is human nature to create the better products for the future. Sometimes things really lived for the specific period of life. Is it efficient to use the pair of bull to cultivate the land? Is it humanity to hold the slaves on the plantation? It is not the proper way of the living but one of the realities is that as a human had the life cycle similarly all products had a life cycle. So, we can say that there is time for everything to be used. As the innovation in the technology is more rapid in a few decades which is benefiting us.

Now talking about the Leyla post which is informative and somehow resembles the point which I am going to make. But it is not the blame for the human but it is a suggestion as it is important not to be oppressed by the careful observations she had made. So, one point is that as the technology is building the products in the market which is creating the huge damage to our environment which is true but what really lags is the best practices which human needs in order to compete with our problems. Our problem is that we are careless and the competition among the human to become rich is the key component which initiates the problem. We never do research on the product we had made what will be the useful life of the product and how we should use it. Even if we purchase a product from the market company attach the user manual with the product how to use and how to dispose of but we merely follow these instructions. We only read manually when we are stuck but for disposal of the material, we merely read the manual as we are not concerned with our environment. It is the bitter reality that we had. Sometimes we are blinded by the solution which is not researched properly but it is marketed in the manner that it is environment-friendly, but it is giving impact to the health of the people along with our environment.

The learning from this point is that did we ever try to create anything which can be utilized without giving impact to the environment. Let suppose you had purchased the grocery from the Walmart or best buy. You had picked the trolley and filling it with your desires as fashioned by the society. Now you are on the counter where a person starts packing your material and you will use it to take grocery to home and placing it in your refrigerator. Before leaving home, your mother who is old-fashioned gives you the bag which is made of the cloth and can be used for the years as she had done her last shopping using that when you had observed that people were laughing on her fashion. You take that bag but left it in the car when entering into the Walmart or best buy. You had only taken only to please your mother but actually, you are trying to stick to the fashion which society owns. Now after a few days, you had visited a small shopping mart where they are charging five dollars for the bag which is looking very good. As you had seen the first sentence when you are invoicing area. “Save Earth and nature with just 5$” below you seen few bags made up of eye catch colors and printed 5% discount using this bag in mart on next visit. What you will do? Now human nature is the greed and now you will innovate your style of shopping which your old-fashioned mother wanted you to adopt. That’s is the reality that we are not tamed but even if someone tries we do ignore them and stick to whatever we are following. Even we are following the worst practices.

Hence, we had many solutions only need the right attention and right tools with the extensive studies. It is very important for the worldwide to enforce the companies to do research on the disposing of the material and also there is a need to make the global laws on the mutual understanding. The initiative is financially stressing for companies and the governments but once it will be implemented it will take the people and it will not remain as the wicked problem for our society. Only we need our beautiful brains as a human is the top most creation of the creator so we must respect our own value.

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