Fashion or Waste

First off, the reading was extremely helpful to me as it was closely related to my wicked problem that I am researching. I loved the points that it made about the term “fashion” and how it relates many things basically just meaning they were the current trend that people liked. That was so very relevant to my research because it defines the reasoning for the fashion industry’s extreme wastefulness. Tossing the newest trends out constantly as they are replaced. Finding the quickest and easiest way to make the newer trends more mass produced. While through all this, they are wasting materials, resources, and energy. Each of these building up and destroying the Earth that the people wearing these items live on. So, back to the article, it mentioned how a lot of advertisements are just encouraging this toxic way of life. In fact, all advertisements are based on pushing the newest most current “fashions”. This related to the story of stuff a lot too, considering everything she mentioned about “fashion” and how you can never keep up because advertisements are constantly pushing the new styles. While in the background of all of this the world is being broken down piece by piece. People are so caught up in the rush of things they don’t realize how much happens when they discard the old fashions or all of the environmentally destructive processes of making these new styles. 

My favorite part of Leyla’s Ted talk was her obsession with the fridge. I had never thought about how wasteful they are just giving so much opportunity for waste. It is so true though, if only had a limited amount of space id be more careful about what I kept and discarded. Hearing talks going over that makes you reevaluate everyday items and how you use them and how so many things can cause waste. If you think about it dressers and closets are the fridges of the fashion world. Some are just built so big that you keep filling them up more and more. This is all related. The fast fashion is the food going bad. Constantly replacing thing after thing. Its a never ending cycle of overwhelming waste. 

Biophilia is one of the most inspiring things in the world to me. I have an obsession with nature and seeing it used in so many different views is very eye opening. You see how others relate nature and the human world. The eco design aspects are wonderful ideas. All of these I feel are related to mindfulness. They can help humans focus on meditation and personal health. It is a reminder of the Earth and everything else growing and living around you. 

As for the poverty topic I read the passage over the yes side, but every bit of it just seemed like pure ignorance. I feel like the no side would have better points and reasonings because in all honesty. Those in poverty are struggling to even survive. How are they really expected to change how they live, if they are struggling to even live? Being in this class has made me see both sides of the story. As much as I completely believe that we need to change the world, I also believe it is very hard considering how insanely giant every single one of these issues are. And the fact that these people are barely able to survive and are causing so much harm to the environment just makes me lose hope. If the statistics are really saying that people in poverty are causing enough to be one of the major causes then thats an even bigger problem. That means we have to fix poverty. We have to be able to help them and fix that in order to fix the environment.  

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