Humans vs. the Environment

Sustainable fashion is problematic in the fashion field. It is the journey of a brand or fashion business that needs constant learning and change to minimize the negative impact on the environment. As we all know, fashion always changes over time. It brings negative as well as positive aspects. It is good for economic competitiveness and market stimulation, but a bad thing for resource conservation and environmental stewardship. So we need to think of the ways to restrain ourselves in fashion. The reason is that if there are no forms of restraint, it will affect people and the environment. But how to restrain is a difficult question for all areas. Such as in Leyla’s TED talk, she said people are saying they want to keep the environment clean and use recyclable stuff. Instead of using a plastic bag to shop, they use a paper bag, which eco-friendly with the environment but still have the same function as a plastic bag. The problem is everyone thinks of environmentally friendly products but few think about where it will end up, and the answer is landfill. Leyla said the paper bag must be 4-10 times heavier than the plastic bag to carry the same weight, but when that paper bag ends up in the landfill, it was creating more methane. Overall, the majority of the products that we think of may beneficial to the environment might not be true.

Based on the reading about fashion and sustainability, I linked to my activity 3. I learned that in the process of producing garment products until the process of decomposing them, we had destroyed nature a lot. We destroy the land through the abuse of natural resources, and because of the process of decomposing our products by burying it underground in landfills. We cause air pollution through exhaust gases from factories. We cause water pollution because the treatment of wastewater from garment factories has not been thoroughly cleaned. Those are not all the problems we cause to our environment. Poverty is also part of the reason for environmental degradation. Because poverty leads to poor knowledge, people forced into unsustainable practices such as farming on marginal lands. These actions lead to mass extinction and environmental degradation.

Besides what I learned from all the reading and activity 3, I also learned about biophilia. Biophilia is a term we use to talk about how people bring nature to their lives. For example, in biophilia architecture design, people bring nature to architecture that contributes to the link between people and nature. It could be adding plants to the house or sounds related to nature like flowing water. It may also be the use of products made from natural materials. Anything that can help people get into nature right at work, home, and so on.

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