Journey Through Wicked Problems

The reading over fashion in sustainability was making me think about everything that we’ve talked about in wicked problems thus far. I guess when I was thinking about sustainability I wasn’t really thinking about it in my field and how we can change it and improve it in the fashion industry. How could I not think about improving the sustainability status of the fashion industry when it’s one of the industries that’s hurting the world the most. As Leyla was discussing in her video we buy products that are made in these factories overseas in these terrible working conditions. We proceed to use up so many materials and resources just to produce them. We buy them and after wearing it for a small amount of time are ready  to throw them out and move onto the next fad or trend. The clothes end up God knows where in some landfill in the earth or being incinerated and releasing toxic chemicals and pollution into the air. It’s really true what they say about fixing a problem and starting with yourself and the life you live. I know I’m very much guilty of this because I wold consider myself addicted to shopping. Every time I have an event or something important to be at i think that calls for a brand new outfit. That’s why I think it’s important for me to identify problems in the merchandising field and seeing where sustainability tactics can be implemented and also where it can be improved. When I chose biodiversity for my wicked problem to dive deeper into I again wasn’t thinking about how it would or is affecting the merchandising field. Now after doing more research I realized there are so many ways of putting that into action. For example all the different types of cotton that is produced is the perfect way to get us to produce more 100% cotton materials that can be properly recycled after you’re done with them. I think what has stood out to me the most is just the fact that I’m realizing more and more everyday if we could all just shift our way of living just a little bit we could make such a huge impact on the planet and how we are operating it thus far. My journey in sustainability is only getting stronger from here on out. Like I said everyday I’m working to make little changes in my life so that I can say I’m doing my part and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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