Passion For Fashion Or Pollution?

Ever since I was little I have loved the idea of fashion. When I was little I remember looking up to celebrities for what designer they were wearing and how they wore it. Hints they I chose apparel design as my major! What I never thought about when I was looking up to those celebrities is fashion and sustainability because honestly what little kid would? I was so blinded (and sometimes still am) by the clothes, the way they wore them, and the awe inspiring aspect of clothes in general. I was so amused by the way they were assembled and the piece of art work they could turn out to be that I didn’t even think about how the production of clothes could leave a lasting impact on the world around us. And the people like me, who are so awe inspired by the newness and expression clothes can allow, they are totally blind to how more and more consumerism is going to hurt our environment more and more. Clothes have continued to become cheaper and cheaper which makes the quality less and less which makes them go to the waste land quicker and quicker. The U.S. has one of the top consumer countries and the fashion industry is a major contributor to the waste we throw out every single day. So how so we change this? Do we cut down the production of clothes or make them more expensive so less people want to buy? In some ways this could work, but the longest lasting thing that would have the most impact on how much consumers buy would be to change how the actual consumer thinks. The want and want for new has to stop in order to make any real change, especially in the fashion industry. The more I research on this topic I am learning the background of the “Fast Fashion” mantra. Fast Fashion is caused the globalization of the production of clothes and the fast changing trends in the Fashion Industry. This makes it easier to produce clothes for a cheaper amount in mass production so the consumer can keep up with the fast paced changing trends. What the consumer doesn’t know is the massive pollution footprint that they are leaving. If this rate continues the Fashion Industry is going to continue being one of the largest polluters which is going to continue causing major issues.


I have two little brothers that are adopted. They both grew up in a low income family that hardy had any money to feed them by the end of the day. A question that has been brought up in the fight for sustainability is if the poverty stricken population is contributing to our loss of sustainability by using up the natural resources. While this is a valid point, I don’t agree with this at all. I don’t think we should be blaming the poor for what is so much an industrial problem. America consumes (just like fashion) so much of our natural resources that is leading to greater problems. We don’t need to look for ways to consume the same amount while trying to be sustainable, instead we should be looking at how to consume less and change the thought process of the average consumer.


When I first started my sustainability journey I really didn’t care because I wasn’t a contributor. I didn’t realize that all of the things I was doing in my life effect the environment in some kind of way. Not only do the things I do everyday effect the environment, but even my major is a massive contributor to the fight for sustainability. My sustainability journey has led me to be more conscious of my daily routine and what lasting effects the things I am doing may have. I look forward to learning more and applying all of my knowledge to my job in the industry someday.

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