Plastic is Better-ish

In today’s time, we are slowly killing the world day by day and some do not care at all. In the article “ Fashion and Sustainability”, it is mentioned that in order to make our world sustainable again it will take many small steps. Being sustainable in the fashion industry is not a simple thing to do. One has to take the time to make sure it is done correctly and actually sustainable. Leyla Acaroglu in her TED talk, talks about if paper actually beats plastic. My whole life I was told that plastic was no good for the environment. Recently, some states that are surrounded by water, for example, California. In California, it is now illegal to serve a drink with a plastic straw. This is because the straws were ending up in the ocean and killing the sea animals, specifically the sea turtles. Leyla goes into great detail about how choosing plastic at the grocery store versus plastic actually has a greater impact on the environment. That is due to how the paper biodegrades in the landfills due to air being anaerobic. This relates the the article we read called “Is Poverty Responsible for Environmental Degradation”. It is said in this article, that the government views the poor as some type of target group for certain policies. The Government thinks of the poor this way because they are “failing below some standard”. Another statement that was mentioned was that the poor compete with each other over assets, however they are not only competing against each other, but as well as, the non-poor. I have been looking into ways to be more sustainable while being an interior designer. I have come across that bamboo is being used all over the world to help out with deforestation. This can be used as flooring, chairs, tables, and so many more items that wood be used for. Bamboo has become increasingly popular here in the U.S over the recent years. However, China has the biggest use of it. Over the past couple of years I have become more environmentally aware. I think that is it so important for us to start making changes in our daily lives due to the fact that right before our eyes our world is dying. If everyone in the world started making small changes to their daily lives that impacted the world in one way or more we could all help the world stay our world for a little bit longer.

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