The Apparel Industry and Sustainability Don’t Mix… Right Now.

Since I’m an Apparel Design major, I’ve heard all about how bad the apparel industry is on the environment.  For decades fashion and textile have been dumping their dyes and chemicals in rivers and oceans. Apparel especially is known for being a waste filled industry. We all want to buy the newest and most popular items, but what happens to the clothes that go out of style? They either get donated or thrown away. And the production rate of the clothes is so fast that we almost feel the need to throw out our old clothes quicker. I read the no side of the Fashion and Sustainability article. Which I very much agreed with. The apparel industry and Sustainability are like water and oil. They don’t go together. One of the statistics that stood out to me was the line that said “If everyone in the world lived like Americans we would need 4.7 earths to sustain.” Americans are bred and raised to be insane consumers. That’s insane considering we only have one earth right now. For there to be a serious change in this industry we need to start implementing small changes overtime. And eventually we can make fashion more sustainable.  For the Poverty reading I read the no side again. This article was discussing whether environmental degradation is a result of poverty. Ultimately the article concluded with saying how systems need to be put in place that benefit both the poor and the environment. A win-win scenario. And these two reading have actually helped me with my choice of wicked problem for the report. Actually the other day I was on Instagram and I saw this post that mentioned the worlds first Ocean clean up system. It said they would be collecting garbage in the great Pacific garbage patch. These systems are exactly what we need right now. And with all this trash and textile chemicals we need to act fast. The oceans can save us. 

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