“We are the only animal on the planet that can recognize what we do today will affect, somehow, something in the future”

This phrase can be heard on the first 10 minutes of the documentary The 11th hour. Interesting enough, even if we (humans) are already programmed to “learn for our mistakes”, how can we choose to ignore the consequences and disconnect from nature? Did humanity become selfish to the point to renegade their own environment? Can we even reconnect with nature?

As discussed the movie, once humans have to choose from economic growth over environmental protection, we will explore all the natural resources as fast as we can to fulfill our materialistic desires. However, what society does not understand –or pretend to ignore- is how life in the planet earth is just possible due to a balance of various factors, such as biodiversity, fauna, flora, climate. Any change in this aspect results in an unstable environment, causing naturals disasters more commonly with the intend to readjust itself. Now I ask again: who will suffer the biggest impact on this process? Yes, us.

But how to solve all of this problems? Is there a way to go back and reverse this issue? Or there’s no end point? (and why so many questions in this thread?). As any other Wicked Problem, all the aspects addressed in the movie have different factors that contribute to its existence. There might be various solutions, it might too unique or too urgent. The important part is to address this questions and support open discussions to tackle the problem in all its layers.

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