a wicked world

As a senior, I have had many courses in the last three and half years to teach on the topic of sustainability and how it effects my major and the world around me. Sustainability to me is the idea of using the natural resources we are given on earth in a way that keeps are planet healthy and safe to live. The way I think of it in interior design terms is how to design a building that promotes our environment in a green way. For example, in many of my projects I innovate and include green or foliage walls to produce oxygen in a space. Another way is to use natural materials such as bamboo and other woods. Using these techniques has evolved the way our designing has changed in the last few years as many people are realizing we need to preserve our planet to keep it safe for us to continue living here for many years in the future. Sustainability leads into another large topic today we go through, wicked problems.

I see wicked problems as issues that in society we see hard to find solutions or the solutions cause consequences therefore causing it to be hard to fix. Healthcare is a big issue that has gone on for decades now causing feuds between the nation. Everyone’s views can cause the use of medication can cause be conservational uprisings. As an OSU student, every year we have group that comes to campus and puts large graphic images of effects of abortion and basically target young women on why they should not get abortions. Making abortion illegal is a wicked problem in my eyes as a young woman. Making it illegal to abort a child before being born saves the lives of unborn children and satisfies the beliefs of many religions. However, by making this a law obligates those affected from sexual assault to bring a child into this world against their own will. I see this as a wicked problem because no matter what the government votes on or rules as a right the issues will not be resolved. Women will either have to keep a baby that is fathered from their assaulter or woman will continue to abort babies just because they did not take precaution. We also face tamed problems in our world that can be resolved and not cause consequences with the solution. This can include more traffic laws such as when texting and driving was made to become illegal to promote safer driving. There is no consequence in requiring someone to put their phone done while sitting behind the wheel.

Watching the 11thHour justified once again how if people do not recognize that our planet is in desperate need of saving we will continue to struggle on finding resources and living in a healthy environment. So many of us, including myself often times, forget how much our world has to offer us. I have taken many classes as a DHM student and I will be honest they have not all been my favorite to attend however, I actually enjoyed Problem Solving (and I’m not just saving this for brownie points). That class put in perspective to me how there are so many ideas out there that if we all just partake we can save our planet and kept in livable in the future. My learning community produced a metal bottle for OSU that would be reusable for students to prohibit students from using any foam, paper, or plastic container to drink out of. Also, it would have a chip on the bottom that would be attached to a student’s bursar account therefore they could fill it up and this result in them not having to check out every time they buy something causing a student to receive receipt, which results in more paper use in which we don’t need. This documentary honestly just made me angrier on the fact we have all these tips on why we should save our planet but here are, still not recycling and using nonbiodegradable materials. Our generation is all about posting blogs and social media to promote oneself but why are we not using it promote our planets health and safety.

Many of the issues we face in our environment from this documentary are wicked problems because of the six characteristics of wicked problems. The first one is vague problem definitions, this is when we state a problem but it is stated too generic therefore it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly needs to be done to resolve the issue fully without more information. The second one is variable solutions which goes back to the example of abortion because not everyone can agree on a final solution. The next one is when the solutions have no end point which right now I would tie in with universal design because many designers are designing for now which results in them having to solve new issues in the future that they did not plan ahead for. The fourth characteristic is solution pose irreversible effects which is when we solve an issue to get it solved quickly but actually ends harming something in which we cannot go back and change. The fifth one is solutions require unique approaches and this one is can be exampled by how a solution for America might not work for another country. And the last characteristic is urgent and I would say this would conclude in how these problems will harm our planet if not solved in a timely manner.

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