Blog 1: What is Sustainability

The first word I think of when it comes to Sustainability, is green. To be sustainable and green is to be environmentally responsible for the waste and consumption one participates in. Sustainability pertains to many different aspects of everyday life. One way of looking at Sustainability is to remain at the same level as the environment without compromising the future generations. I have always been extremely interested in sustainability and I believe it is better to be taught this at a young age because it remains with you throughout your life. My parents were very efficient in teaching us what I believe is right or wrong. This means to not throw trash out the window, and always use the nearest trash can. My parents both have environmental degrees and my father works to enforce coal mining laws throughout the United States. Recycling has always been a large factor in our house and last school semester I went plastic free for 60 days. (I begin my next plastic free journey on Nov. 1st!)
The 11th Hour does an amazing job at giving myself and those around me a better understanding of the serious state our environment is currently in. In this documentary, it is mentioned multiple times throughout the film that people think they are above animals and are “King of Nature.” The biggest factor of this are because of SELFISHNESS. I witness those around me being selfish with the environment just because of little things, like carrying around a water bottle. They want to be able to dispose of it the second they don’t want it anymore and create an abundance of plastic waste. Just small things like this don’t initially seem to matter, but they build up and become a huge issue to the environment in which it struggles to keep up with it’s consumer. Tamed problems are problems that can be ended or solved while wicked problems are issues that are difficult or impossible to solve such as the global warming they described in the documentary. Global warming has caused our planet to over-heat, flood, and has created natural disasters. The six characteristics of wicked problems are vague problems, variable solutions, solutions that have no end point, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches, and urgent.
One point they embellished in the 11th hour was the variable solutions factor of wicked problems. The best solution I heard to living sustainabily was to create a culture that will interact with science and with the world around us in a sustainable fashion. A lot of the technology that we have created has pushed against the environment making it hard for animals and vegetation to survive. We don’t realize that we are the only beings on this earth that designed against the environment and in attempts to change this we must redesign design.

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