Let’s make sustainability a cultural thing!

The 11th hour gives eye opening sustainability issues throughout our world. The movie gives numerous amounts of wicked problems the world is facing at this very moment. Wicked problems are problems that do not have an easy solution to if there even is one. Whereas a tame problem would be a problem that has an easy solution that can be implemented. After watching this movie, I learned that these wicked problems the world is enduring are at a very grand scale. Problems such as global warming, the use of nonrenewable resources, and deforestation are but a few discussed. The six characteristics of wicked problems that make them virtually unsolvable are as follows: vague problem definitions, variable solutions, solutions have no end point, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches, and urgent. These characteristics basically explain why a wicked problem is a wicked problem. It’s hard to figure out exactly what the problem is because there’s so many factors contributing to the outcome. What could be a solution to the problem? Is it right or wrong? Wicked problems don’t just end, they are constantly evolving. What will happen if a solution is put in place? No one will know until you try. But how is it even possible for a solution to be put in place? The people need to be convinced to participate globally. But the fact of the matter is, if nothing is done… the effects will cause permanent harm! The 11th hour explains all these characteristics and thoughts in specific detail with real problems. Before this movie I thought sustainability was the practice of balancing the resources used across the world, eco-friendly. I still think I hit the nail on the head with my original definition. The movie describes various points of solutions for sustainability. My favorite one being to make it a cultural thing. As of right now, people across the world have so many views when it comes to nature. Most American children know more about logos than plants in their surrounding environment according to the movie. If we can make all cultural put an emphasis on redesigning the design of how we use our world to live our lavish lives, we could make lasting positive results. So I am in! are you?


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