My Sustainability Journey

My family loves to go camping and basically anything outdoors. I grew up in a time where my parents didn’t believe in watching a lot of TV and I was forced to be outside everyday riding bikes, playing on the swings. or playing with my dog and going to the park down the street. I was taught to leave my trash in a recycling bin, to take care of the Earth and to leave it better than I had found it. I had always thought that everyone had been taught this same lesson as well.

It wasn’t until I became older that I realized how little I am outside, aside from walking to class, and I for sure didn’t pay attention how our earth was being harmed. After watching “The 11th Hour” I found so many other ways our world is facing at this very moment. Wicked Problems are problems that cannot be fixed automatically and do not have one easy solution. The problems our world is facing is at a very large scale due to different industries all collectively polluting our air, water, ecosystem, etc. There are 6 characteristics of a Wicked Problem, they are as follows: Vague Problem Definitions, Variable Solutions, Solutions have no end point, Solutions pose irreversible effects, Solutions require unique approaches, and Urgent.

These 6 characteristics make wicked problems virtually unsolvable! There are so many different factors that contribute to the outcome that it’s very difficult to figure out what the problem is. Wicked problems are constantly evolving and are getting harder and harder to figure out. Its hard to figure out what a solution to the problem is because there are so many different avenues that could be taken and so many things that could be changed and fixed.

Although “The 11th Hour” has given me a better understanding of the bigger problems faced, very little was mentioned when it came to solutions to fix these problems. What are ways I can be involved in helping? What are the new ways that these problems are being solved? Have they worked? Are their groups and organizations that are fighting this fight and coming up with innovative ways to fix these problems? I believe that that because this video is a little older, then maybe more has been done since the release of this video, and that there have been problems that have been solved and that our communities, government, and the industries responsible for some of these problems have stepped in to help.

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