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Before watching the film, the 11thHour I had a very different view of what sustainability meant. I though that sustainability meant was being friendly towards the earth. I didn’t think that sustainability was a big deal or that it even had a huge impact on the earth. I though it was something we did to just to protect our earth. After watching the film, it showed me how important sustainability is towards the environment. My new definition of sustainability is how humans react to the environment in our everyday life. How we make things or how we consume our resources. This is to help protect the earth and preserve the environment for the future generations to come. In the film the wicked problem was climate change.

In the movie the big problem at hand was global warming. This problem didn’t happen overnight, but gradually overtime. What people need to learn is that our actions will have consequences good or bad. This can effect of environment in many different ways. After industrial revolution we began to use non renewable resources; which slowly began to hurt our precious earth. This wicked problem is different from a tame problem, because a tame problem you can control and eventually get rid of. On the other hand, a wicked problem you can’t get rid of. There are no solutions to get rid of it. All we can do to fix it is find a temporary solution. We can’t go back in time and fix our mistakes, all we can do is move forward and learn from our mistakes. How we are treating the planet now will slowly get worse. For example, if we keep on polluting the waters, air, or land the earth’s environment will take a turn for the worse. This will happen slowly over time, so we need to make sure we begin to start treating our home better.

I liked the 11thhour, it made me have a better understanding of how important it is to take care of our environment. It also helped to show the big picture we are facing with global warming. I learned how global warming effects the planet. Global warming effects the polar areas making the ice melt, and warming up our environment. If this continues our planet will turn into our sister planet Venus. This place is extremely hot, has poisonous air, and human life could not survive. How we react to the resources and how we can consume them also has an effect on the planet. After the industrial revolution we only used non renewable resources, like oil and fossil fuels. Since we were using these it caused mudslides, floods, polluting our earth, and killing our land and air. Humans have had a huge impact on all of this. The people have a choice in how we treat the earth. I believe that people do not think that the environment is important but the economy is. Today we spend to much time investing in our economy and forgetting about the beauty of the environment.

The 11thhour did a great job explaining the big problem at hand, but I wish that they would have given more solution, or even ideas to solve the problem. I wanted to learn more about what kind of resources, steps, or even groups to join to help solve this problem. I also think it would be a good idea to update this video. It was pretty out of date and I feel like some of these temporary solutions wouldn’t help us in today’s world. I also think they should try and promote this video more. I believe that if more people would be able to see videos like this we would become better educated on this problem. This could spread the word so this generation and the future generation will be heavily influenced by this problem, and try to make solutions and change the way we are living. I believe the generation can create new resources; renewable resources to be exact. We need to become more socially aware and see how important it is, and to become better educated about our environment. I feel like if we take baby steps towards the right direction we can make earth a safer place to live in. I want to know what the consumer can do or even better what steps the government will do to help our home.

In class we talked about the six characteristics of a wicked problem. They are vague problem, variable solutions, solutions have no end point, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches, and urgent. I believe that in the movie it hit all six really well. It states the problem climate change. It goes into depth very well about how important it is that we learn about climate change. Not a lot of people know but how we are treating our planet has huge effect on the consequences that will come. The film makers did give us various solutions but since this a wicked problem all of them don’t have any end points. Many of the solutions for instance changing how we make out buildings or use electricity have no end point, but they can open doors to other solutions. Climate change is a big problem to solve so it is very important to have unique solutions. I believe that one unique solution is mycofiltraction. This system uses nature like mushrooms to help heal the planet. I think that it is a good idea to start using nature to help heal itself, plus this is a renewable resource. Adding in the nature into our solutions will also help with the irreversible effect. It will have a good effect on the earth allowing it to heal, and still allow humans to live their everyday life. Finally the movie does a great job to show how important this problem is; allowing the audience to understand that we need to act now in order to save our planet.


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