The Titanic would have made it.

One positive perspective regarding the state of our environment is the fact that the Titanic probably never would have sunk, due to the fact that we have managed to melt nearly every iceberg. Signs are plastered around everywhere saying “recycle” and “save the planet”. We all know we need to, but do we actually do it? Because I typically don’t. As a population, we are quickly depleting the ozone by separating ourselves from nature, as they said in the 11th-hour Documentary. People are pondering the thought of what they did to deserve constant 90-degree temperatures- not acknowledging that they have contributed to destroying the ecosystem for the past century.  Corporations are bottle feeding gasoline to dolphins and trying to make us feel bad for using a bendy straw. We’ve dug ourselves in a huge hole by putting the economy first, and there is no way to reverse it- only prevent ourselves from digging it any deeper. In an attempt to protect our future, it is important to take small steps that ultimately lead to bigger ones. Reducing waste, pollution, and ultimately becoming one with nature to preserve our natural resources.
Sustainability is an obstacle that is so complex it is considered a wicked problem. A problematic issue that is vague, urgent, and seems to have various solutions no one can agree upon. On the opposing side of the spectrum, there are problems that are considered tame. Tame problems are those that can be solved by creating a plan and sticking to it. Whereas a wicked problem is one considered “unsolvable”. In the 11th documentary, it touches base on many of the world’s wicked problems, and just how serious they must be taken if we want to survive. Lack of sustainability as an entire population and they way it impacting global warming, the ocean crisis, melting of the poles, and deforestation. The documentary suggests many ideas for people to contribute to being more sustainable. There are so many things we can do to be better, so why don’t we do it? Why doesn’t everyone buy hybrid cars or build “green” buildings as they talk about?  Why are we so separated from nature and consider ourselves superior? We need to be better.
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