It was heartbreaking and breathtaking watching 11th hour, even though its discussed all the time about the environment and global warming, the collection of images of the destruction created by humans it is devastating. Sometimes I think that if humankind did not involve in the way that we had now, the world would be a much healthier place to live, and the capitalism would not exist and we would not destroy our home in this savage way.

By the middle/ end of the documentaries gives more hope about the future and what we can do to try to save this planet with a sustainable mind.  the bigger question that had stuck in my mind was: how can we use our understanding of science and understanding of technology along with our understanding of culture, to create a culture that will interact with science and the world around us in a suitable fashion?  to which it’s not an easy choice to do, it needs cultural change and evolution to make us more responsible and accepting an idea of tangible life.

They talk about how can we use technology to live sustainable, an idea that I thought was incredible was recreating an aspect of nature to live more sustainable. Like houses that can work as a tree or a city that works as a forest.

there is a miss understanding that we run the world, that the world is ours. We do not own anything, we are part of this place, and if we continue to treat it like this the only who will be hurt or even extinct will be our kind, the planet will be regenerated.

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