Mindful, Beginning Now

To begin my reflection I would like to open with my favorite topic presented in reading and lecture this past week, mindfulness. Mindfulness as referred to in our reading is being aware, taking note of what is happening within ourselves and in our world at a very moment. This concept caught my attention because often I catch myself being overwhelmed with past occurrences, future problems, and worries that I can not even control in that moment. Even on my way home to type this paper my head was full of worry due to my many homework assignments, work shifts, and greek life events I must do and attend this week. I was on the verge of tears while opening my laptop and viewing the pointers for this blog but then I recalled our reading from last week. Being mindful allowed me to remember to evaluate my emotions and environment in this moment. I am sitting on my leather sofa, pillows under my left arm to prop me up, a lamp is lighting the room, and my favorite pumpkin spice candle is burning; this is my ideal comforting environment. Although I am overwhelmed with the many tasks I have for the week, I reminded myself that I am only human and can only tackle one thing at a time. Even this simple of a self reflection can change the course of one’s day but being mindful does not only help yourself. It can help one discover their true values and increase empathy. If more people can practice “mindfulness” it would lead to a healthier society and increase sustainable behaviors. After the reading I also downloaded an app I once had but never knew the importance of. “Headspace” space is a meditation app that teaches amazing breathing techniques and different themes if you are dealing with stress, sleep loss, and much more. I will once again use this app daily thanks to what I have learned of mindfulness and what it can do for our world. Highly recommend!

Our Ted Talk this week was presented by Marc Cohen; he is a brilliant man who speaks of wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability. He beautifully connects how one’s well being is interconnected to the well-being of their environment. He says that one can not be happy unless they are well, and one can not be well unless their surroundings are well. He explains how wellness is holistic and had multiple dimensions such as physical, ethical, sexual, spiritual, and many others. His great knowledge allows him to understand the system of our minds as individuals and as whole interacting groups and I thoroughly enjoyed his teachings.

Taking the carbon footprint evaluation revealed to me that I create my largest print through home energy. My next fault was made from waste and last transportation (all together  41,034). It even informed me that if me and 100 friends took actions against creating a carbon footprint, in 5 years we would avoid 15,741,578 in pounds of emissions. This is an eye opening evaluation that will allow me to be cautious of the energy and fuels I waste.Lastly for activity 2, I have began to peel back the layers of the fashion industries hurt on our environment. The chemicals being poured into fresh water and habitats is astonishing and I am extremely interested in continuing my studies and even discovering if this is a topic I want to do further research on before entering the fashion industry.

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