A Little Mindfulness Never Hurts.

I fully believe that my self-narrative is always changing. I think that I typically try to keep an open mind about things. From what I have gathered a paradigm is, how humans will dominate the earth and that nature is used for income rather than seen as an asset. That is saddening to me in the way that I would hope that we would take care of the earth and not take it for granted. We need to see the true beauty in it. Friday October 26 we did a worksheet in class called the Wildest Thing. I am truly thankful that we were assigned this for the simple fact of how eye opening it was. I was able to see the wicked problems that other people pointed out that maybe I would have never noticed. I believe that mindfulness is very important in everyday life. Everyone should live with it. I personally never thought about mindfulness until we were given the article to read or before we watched and listened to Marc Cohen’s TED Talk. He talked so much about how we should be living and brought to light so many issues among the world such as Toxic pollution, climate change, obesity epidemic, world hunger, etc. That is just a few of the horrific things that go on in the world every day and it is something that I as a mere college student do not think about daily. I never seem to realize the big picture of what is going on around me and that is why I think mindfulness is so important for people to incorporate into their daily lives. As for my carbon footprint value, my family of three produces 48 tons CO2/year for our total footprint and we are according to the nature calculator 4% better than average. That to me is very surprising, but also encouraging. I want to continue to improve from where I am now. Like I had said previously I believe that everyone should practice mindfulness in his or her daily lives and even consider mindfulness meditation. For my activity two and for my investigative report I have chosen the topic of Furniture waste. I see this as a growing problem because more and more people are just disposing of their old furniture instead of refurbishing it or selling it. With that being said the more new furniture being bought the more packaging that is being thrown away into the landfills. I would like to explore some of the eco-friendly solutions people are coming up with to help solve this problem.

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