Mediation Mindfulness

When I reflect on my group activity 1 I think about all the things that other teams thought about, and reflected about to help the earth, my favorite activity that we did was looking at the other groups ideals reflecting on their ideals tweaking it and making it better than their previous thought process to make it into a reality and I think that was a beautiful reflection about whicked problems we all have ideals, strategies and opinions about what we can do to help the world but we all need to eventually come together to make the world a better place which makes me think about the TED talk from Marc Mochen when he said Mindfulness can help the world become a better place at first I didn’t necessarily agree that Mediation was going to make the world a better place, because why would mindfulness make everyone become peaceful when the world is just going to be whicked and problematic on its on  doing but I actually read and understood what he meant he is necessarily not believing that Mediation is going to snap and make the world a better place but mediation is going to bring awareness and calmness to others lives its going to make most of us as humans stop and think and take in the world and how we reflect and think and feel the world and our moral choices because we are self- awareness   of our mind and others minds also but our feeling we are taking back our choice of happiness and reflecting on it as people to make peace into the world, once we bring peace into ourselves is when we can bring peace into the world and we can actually start helping and caring for the world. Which makes me want to stop think and bring awareness to the world when I took my carbon footprint test I honestly thought that it was going to be way more hurtful to the environment than most but in all actuality it wasn’t my average is 6.36 which is below the natural average and I am actually not producing that much carbon in the world but I honestly think its because I take mostly the bus through out my school days in Stillwater barley using the car if I used my car it would be way higher I like to think by me doing that is helping me save the earth and also money for gas in my car.

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