Mindful Meditation

I think self-narrative adds the touch of personalization to a story. By speaking from life experiences, I can write descriptively about how I felt during the story I am telling and not just guess exactly how someone else felt. The story would come from your own mind. I think mindfulness also comes with self-narrative by reflecting on your own feelings and self-thoughts. Using this in today’s world helps you see what you can do and makes you focus on how you can help the world and not focus on what others should do. Sometimes we rely on others to make a change instead of taking initiative. Another aspect that is important for looking in wicked problems in the world is paradigms. These are patterns that we see and is also something we should not look away from in our environment. As we know, patterns usually predicate what is going to continue to happen. Another key in concept in wicked problems, is responsibility mapping. This is a way to identify what actions we need to take to be successful in solving issues around us or in any situation. Sometimes we think we can just solve things by attacking the problem but to assign responsibly of what needs to happen gives a higher rate of finding a solution.

The Wildest Thing gave me the chance to realize that even though we may have big, crazy dreams, does not mean we should just leave them as dreams but with a guide and dedication they could come true. This also tied in the mindfulness lecture, as I Iearned how important self- reflection and connection with my inner being is. Being more conscious with ourselves and our thoughts can help us deeply think about what we want and need. Honestly, I enjoy the meditation we do in class because I feel as very busy and sometimes distracted college student I do not take time to just breathe and relax my thoughts and body. It really is nice to just sit there think about yourself well-being. Our economy outlook is all about how we need to change many things and make improvements but we tend to stress about it. I know after I watched the 11thHour last week it stressed me out how bad we treat our world and what needs to change. As soon as you mentioned our carbon footprint, I took a test online to see mine and it was quite scary to see my personal effect on this planet. As I mentioned before we get caught up in how everyone should what they are doing but very solemnly do we think ourselves as the problem. I realized how can easily recycle most of the products I use. One thing I have been successful is using reusable eating and drinking utensils. I only use my swell water bottle and my roommates and I rewash our plastic straws we use if we use them. But I also know that there are many more aspects in my daily I should change such as driving my car which puts toxic fumes in the air and I could just leave earlier for class and walk.

Marc Cohen spoke about how being well and happy with yourself is hard the environment around is not well. Our own health is also very important to make our environment better because we have to start with ourselves. You cannot have the best mindset to fix something if your own self needs fixing first. This is why I thought the Mindfulness and Sustainability reading was intriguing. I never thought on how important our thoughts are for our well-being. It also made me want to start yoga again because I think having a clear and open mind I and others work better on our tasks. Maybe in college we should have a mandatory yoga class since I know many of us get overwhelmed and caught up in our school work. This also ties in with the problem I have that I wanted to explore in the interior design world: coming up with unique, cool designs that are universal for all people. In my Facility Management and Studio 5 we have talked much about universal design but this is a hard concept to add to all designs when sometimes I want to do abstract things in my projects. Designing a building for those with disabilities or impairments is not always easy to achieve while trying to design a unique interior.

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