Mindful, not mind full.

Reflecting on the key components we talked about in week 2 of class, I gained multiple insights on what a wicked problem really is, why they are so wicked, and the best way to create my own self-narrative in attempt to change the future of our ozone layer that is being depleted rapidly. By taking my own carbon footprint, I realized how much of an impact I alone have on the environment. Following the quiz there were multiple suggestions on ways to enhance the way we live and go through our daily lives to be better for our environment and protect the future.

The most  interesting thing to me this week was the TED talk by Marc Cohen. I had actually watched this before a few years back, but blew it off and assumed he was exaggerating and attempting to scare those who were listening. However, after the articles I have read and information I have gathered even after these 2 weeks- I realized that Marc is very real and right. It’s a scary thought to reflect on, but it is absolutely correct in the sense that if we don’t start doing better or slowing down in every sense that we will no longer have natural resources or an Earth to sustain us.

I think the mindfulness and sustainability go hand in hand in multiple ways. Being mindful means being in touch with yourself along with the environment- which is a beautiful thing that we must all do better. When we meditated to the recording of Tara Brach it was really interesting to me to see how it took me to an entire different place for a few minutes and I felt relaxed and in touch with my surroundings. I have a hard time going and going, and seemingly never slowing down. It was nice to sit and just breathe, and it is something I will continue to do even after this class is over. I agree with the reading that interpreted being mindful of yourself not only helps you to be in touch with the environment, but the other people around you and every other relationship. Being mindful of the environment is something many fashion retailers and manufactures don’t do in a world of fast fashion and 2-day shipping.

In my investigative report, I want to explore the problem of waste disposal and management. So far, I have gathered that this is something our industry has a hard time being mindful of. Like me, I feel as if the designers, manufacturers, and retailers are constantly having full minds and wanting to do the most to make more money and grow the economy, like Marc touched on in the TED talk. In my report, I want to discuss why these people should be more mindful of not only the environment as a whole, but the textiles they are using, the amount of garments they are creating, and where they are going after they leave the warehouses and stores.

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