Mindfulness Matters

The main topic I took away from this week’s lectures is the idea of mindfulness and learning to live in the now. I am one of those people who is stuck in their head and stresses out about every little thing, and that keeps me from taking the time to relax and appreciate what is happening right in front of me. After putting more thought into being more mindful and what is important to me, I feel that my family is one of the things I value the most and I want to be able to give the best life I possibly can, but I also feel that being kind to one another is just as imperative. The Wildest Thing activity we did in class was interesting because it got us to all work together to think about what we really want to change in this world. I was usually just thinking about how we can change to help the planet, but after learning about mindfulness and well-being, we started thinking about how we could change ourselves and working on controlling our mentality to help us be more motivated to make a difference. Mindfulness is something I feel would be very useful to practice during this time period because of the increase in mental illnesses. It obviously will not cure them, but many people get so worried about what other people think and overthink things way too much. I sometimes deal with anxiety and ever since we started doing meditation in class and learned more about mindfulness, I feel like it has helped me keep my stress a little more under my control and I think if I keep practicing these skills, it could be very effective.

My results from the carbon calculator told me that my total carbon footprint is 97 tons of CO2 per year and that I am 8% better than average. I mainly got from this test that I need to do more things in my home to help by doing things like turning off the lights more often and managing computer energy use. The TED Talk that was given by Marc Cohen was very informative and he had an interesting take on mindfulness. From my understanding, he felt that the main way to be able to achieve mindfulness is to first feel well. He kept talking about how when you feel better, you will have a better attitude and will be able to take control of being more mindful. For activity 2, I have chosen to cover how our political leaders are increasing taxes on imported and exported goods in the U.S. This is a problem that affects my field, which is retail merchandising, because when the taxes on these goods are being increased, the price of the same goods when they are displayed in stores also increases.

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