New Outlook on Life

My thoughts on mindfulness is physically and mentally being aware of your surroundings. This aspect helps to influence a positive outlook on life. This allows the brain to relax and improves your mental health. Mindfulness allows us to clear away any distractions and help to focus on one singe thought. I think that mindfulness ties into being able to completely think out an idea, and follow through on it. Practicing mindfulness will allow people to be successful in following through on their ideas.  I believe that the practice of mindfulness is the path towards a happy healthy life.

Throughout the reading I learned that mindfulness ties into sustainability. I found this very interesting, because I thought that sustainability only had to deal with the environment and not our mental health.  After reading the article I learned that having sustainability ties in with your mental health. It allows for it to improve; thus, becoming more positive. I believe that attaining the skill of both of these concepts is the key to having a healthy mind; which allows us to achieve a successful life. I found it interesting to how important our mental health is for our future. I have never paid a whole lot of attention to my mental health, but after reading this article I have a better understanding of why we do. Having great mental health is good for our body, it is one of the aspects that keeps us healthy. One the ways to keep your mental health on a good rate is meditation. I also found this interesting. I always thought that sleeping was the only thing that could help with my mental health. In the reading, I learned that it helps the brain relax and allows your brain to almost turn off; allowing my whole body to relax and I become much happier.  I think the practice of meditation will help us gain positive outlook on life; letting us do better at our jobs and coming up with new ideas.

For activity two I have decided to choose the materials we use to build a house. I believe this was a great choice for my wicked problem. It goes along with my major, and I believe that it will help me later on in the future. I wanted to focus on how to make a home more environmentally friendly. I began looking into alternative materials for wood and other materials that are not as good for the earth. I would also like to find ways to reduce water usage and electricity. I have found that solar panels is a good alternative source to reduce the electricity bill, and is great for the environment. I also found this cool new material for roofing that makes it cooler in the summer and it can make it warmer in the winter. All of these new technology and materials will help later on in the future, and protect the earth.

During the ted talk by Marc Cohen, he describes how important it is to take care of our earth. He made some good points about how important it is and if we don’t take care of the earth the future generation wont get to see the beauty of the earth. He opened up my eyes because I thought we had so much time before the conditions of our earth go worse. According to Marc it might happen before we die. We could be in our 40’s when the earth begins to get worse. This showed me how bad we are treating the earth. Ii never though I would be alive to see the day when bad things would start happening. For example, all the glaciers melting or the barrier reefs dying off. I believe he was trying to open people’s eyes, and he certainly did plus he scared me a little bit. Learning about wicked problems have definitely opened my eyes about the environment around me. After seeing that ted talk it made me motivated to begin a change. I want to take care of my home and for the generations to see our beautiful earth.

Doing the exercise of responsible mapping and wildest thing made me have to think outside of the box. I have never had to think about wicked problems and solutions to make the issue better than it was. I enjoyed it and allowed me to practice critical thinking. I think that was a very useful exercise because it allowed everyone to practice how to think about difficult problems. It challenged me to think not about short term solutions, but solutions that will continue to help for years to come. I liked coming up with a wild solution, because sometimes the craziest ideas are the best. It allowed me to be creative. I love being able to creative especially if I get to solve a problem. This exercise showed me that it is good to be creative and to not be afraid of a challenge.

For my carbon footprint it was 43 CO2 per year. It said that I was 23% better than the average person. I honestly was surprised when I saw my results. I was expecting the worse outcome. I am glad that my carbon footprint isn’t that big, but I feel like it could be better. My highest usage was travel. This showed me how important it is for me to be more aware of how my vehicle is polluting the earth. After seeing that I want to make sure when I buy my next car it is more environmentally friendly and doesn’t use co2. I also want to walk more when a place isn’t to far to help the earth out. It made me more aware of the water usage and I want to make sure I use the least amount of water, or find a solution that could help us reuse that water and reduced the waste.





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