What a week

After this second week of the class got me really thinking about how conditioned we are to “be on the move” at all times. With no time to even question ourselves about our true desires and goals in life. Being mindful helps us see throughout this façade, helps us to be aware of our surroundings and being present to others. And, unsurprisingly, benefiting our mental and physical health.

As discussed on the reading -Mindfulness, and Sustainability-, mindfulness has an enormous impact on the individual’s empathy and well-being leading to more sustainable behaviors. It was found that people how are satisfied with their lives and generally happier, tend to be more sustainable and ecologically aware. With the practice of meditation, we become more conscious of our responsibilities with the environment and have a higher self-control, resulting in choosing a more sustainable approach in our decision-making. Going against the paradigms of abusing nature as an income source, and not impacting so much in the environment.

This past week, I also had the opportunity to check my carbon footprint value, and honestly was surprised with some results. According to the calculator, my life is style is 24% better than the average of similar households, where Travel was less than half when comparing to other households. This result was attributed for use of public transportation and carpool to destinations, scoring seven tons of CO2 per year (18%). Even though was less than the “standard”, this result surprised me on how much of carbon dioxide emissions a household can generate.

On Marc Cohen Ted Talk, I thought how interesting he presents the ideas to become more mindful in your daily life and how that benefits your health: finding peace in yourself and the inner being would be the decision maker; always ask whenever consuming; and, to live a balanced life, connecting with nature and always exercising the mind.
The ‘Wild Things’ exercise was a great way to explore our creativity and problem-solving skills. Coming up with problems statements and crazy solutions in a short period of time, obligated us to think outside the box and find alternatives with an open mind. The exercise actually helps me when brainstorming for the wicked problem I would like to explore on my investigating report, on pro and cons lists when comparing the themes.

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