On this last week have been a little stressful, but during class and the meditation process we had helped me a lot with relaxation and calming down my nerves, during meditation and controlling my breathing I felt very energetic and relax. Almost in a way that I could feel the vibration of colors. It was a moment when I empty my mind and was present with the moment and myself. I look forward to meditating more and taking a time for myself where I can control myself and anxiety.

On Marc Cohen Ted Talk, he focuses point was sustainably and mindfulness for a better place for a future generation, taking care of the planet it is important, for us and for surrounding. Our surrounding need to be well for us to feel well. Everything needs to be connected, we need to be aware of nature and everything around us, not only aware but be present and connect because we are part of it. Following this idea, on activity two, I decided to focus on sustainable materials that can replace petroleum-based for construction, like temperature and sound insolation for walls.

My footprint results had as 21 tons of CO2/year. The most drastic one was travel, that it is probably of use of transportation, like using public bus and carpools, other below average was goods, which I believe is because I do not consume a lot or even like to buy stuff. Food was also a little below average but that I believe it because I do not consume animal meat.

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