Looking back on week two of Wicked problems I feel that I am beginning to realize what a wicked problem is and how it truly affects our world. I never really understood how much I can affect the world and how the way I live my life can contribute to our worlds problems. Mindfulness was one topic that we touched on quite a bit during this week and how to be mindful of our environment. Mindfulness, according to our reading, is being aware and knowing what is going on in the world around us. I believe that I am now aware and more mindful of my actions and how they affect our world. I personally have never really paid any attention to our world, politics, wars, or anything like that. I know that seems weird, but I have just never really thought about it or how it affects me because I have never really been taught the importance of it. I think that it is difficult for everyone to realize how they are affecting our earth because they are not aware and not educated about how important it is, making them not as mindful of there actions. Once aware and educated it is easier for people to include mindful practices into there everyday life. Some things that are very simple to incorporate include carpooling and walking to near by places. This in turn lowers people’s carbon footprint on our earth (mine is not the best at the moment). I personally already feel as if I am more mindful of our environment after these past two weeks in this class. Sustainability is always focused on in my major but it is always just expected and never really explained why and us as designers are not aware how are clients expected to know the reasoning behind suitable choices in designs.

I was not in class for the Wildest thing exercise, but after looking at the worksheet it seems like a very interesting activity. The problems that we face are so wild and intricate and with this exercise people were able to come up with wild and intricate solutions. This shows that maybe we need wild solutions to balance out our wild problems and maybe we are looking at things at too small of scale, maybe looking outside of the box and outside of everyone’s comfort zone will help us to come up with a real solution.

After reviewing this activity I decided to begin to look at activity 2 and what problems I wanted to look at for my paper. I tried to think of things that have affected me and that are important to me and that’s when I came upon flooding and our changing environment. In the past few years flooding has become a major issue in so many areas of the US and no affordable and real solution has really been made. Flooding has personally affected my family and I would love for they’re to be a solution one day. I think that this problem also supports Marc’s Ted Talk. Marc states that being well and happy is not possible when he environment is not well. When tragic events such as flooding occur in our world the people, weather they are in the floods, have loved ones in the flood or are just a spectator, are not well. They grieve and they try to help in any way possible, but it is not possible for them to be well until the tragic event is over and the environment and people have somewhat recovered.  As I look into the research of flooding it is only expected to increasingly get worse, but with a solution this could all be stopped or at least put on hold for a little bit. As we go into the next weeks I am excited to see what else I am able to learn and how I am able to apply it back to my major.

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