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a wicked world

As a senior, I have had many courses in the last three and half years to teach on the topic of sustainability and how it effects my major and the world around me. Sustainability to me is the idea of … Continue reading

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What is so Wicked?

The world has evolved so much over time and you cannot help but wonder what we would have done or where we would be today without some of resources we have discovered. I have come to know of sustainability to … Continue reading

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Let’s make sustainability a cultural thing!

The 11th hour gives eye opening sustainability issues throughout our world. The movie gives numerous amounts of wicked problems the world is facing at this very moment. Wicked problems are problems that do not have an easy solution to if … Continue reading

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save the earth

  Before watching the film, the 11thHour I had a very different view of what sustainability meant. I though that sustainability meant was being friendly towards the earth. I didn’t think that sustainability was a big deal or that it … Continue reading

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Blog 1: What Does Sustainability Mean To You?

Have you ever thought much about the future of our planet? Sustainability is just that, the idea of creating a better future. I had initially thought sustainability was specifically a manufacture’s ability to stay in business without creating much pollution … Continue reading

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The bad type of wicked

Sustainability is something I have always thought about and tried to be conscious about. Until recently I’ve always believe that sustainability was simply eco-friendly acts such as recycling and saving water. However my definition of sustainability has expanded to not … Continue reading

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Sustainability: My Journey Begins

Right now, stand up, and take a step outside. What is the first thing you notice? The sky, the trees, is there a car near, people, is it dark out? Rarely do people take the time to fully understand that … Continue reading

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