Mindfulness Post 3

Leyla’s Ted Talk really helped me to understand how our world is always changing when it comes to sustainability and the way we use energy and how we manage waste. It was amazing to have someone explain the changes that have been made within the last few years when it comes to our energy consumption and the amount of waste we produce every day.

I read the “NO” side of the Western Values reading and I completely agree with the argument that Erik Assadourian made. The Western Culture is more focused on consumerism and Globalization is not good for our environment. Our Culture, values, beliefs, customs, and norms have all changed because of the rise of consumerism and globalization.

After reading and discussing Fashion & Sustainability, I now have a better understanding of how quickly everything is changing in our everyday lives. Fashion is not the only thing that changes every 6 months, but our customs, manners, music, and material good change as well. I found it very interesting when talking about product longevity and the dangers that are associated with it. Instead of focusing on Longevity, we should focus more on designing with humility.

The biophilia hypothesis also called BET suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. I think this is a true hypothesis because as humans, we seek sunlight and warmth and fresh air when it is warm outside. We love to be outside and feel the sun on us. Being outside is how people recharge and how they better connect with the earth around them. I think it is very interesting how we crave to be outside once we see the sunlight. Walking around campus, I see more people out and about when it is nice and sunny as opposed to dark and cloudy.

What else are you learning about your wicked problem? – I have learned about how a textile used in almost all garments, cotton, accounts for 33 percentof all fibers found in textiles. Cotton is also a very thirsty crop, requiring 2,700 liters of water—what one person drinks in two-and-a-half years—to make one cotton shirt.

My journey with sustainability has changed a lot since starting this class, I have found that I need to be more responsible when it comes to my energy intake and how much waste I produce. Instead of just being kind to the Earth when I go camping, I need to be more kind to the earth every single day. After looking at my carbon footprint, I was really shocked with how much I was contributing to the problem that we face when it comes to waste and sustainability.

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