Coming out of the the third week of this Wicked journey, my knowledge of the worlds wicked problem has only expanded. I now understand more about what makes a wicked problem wicked, and how deep that wickedness runs. Something that stuck out to me was what Leyla spoke on in her ted talk. Specifically the points on landfills. She talked about how the problem is not sending your waste to landfills but sending them to the wrong landfills and what landfills do with that stuff. I learned that landfills can actually harvest the gas emitted and turn it into energy. If this is an option… Why isn’t everyone doing it? Even if the front cost is expensive without a doubt the over all savings would be worth it.

Another thing we touched on in and out of class was whether or not western values are the answer to environmental issues. In my opinion its not a matter of yes or no, but a little of both. We need to work together but we need to listen to the indigenous people to understand their first hand insight. Yes team work makes the dream work sometimes, but other times you need to step back and let the appropriate individuals handle them.

Something I learned while researching my chosen problem was that the problem is kind of hidden. I really found it hard to find articles on the waste in interior design industry. So many of the articles I found were about big companies doing sustainable builds, and others were suggestions. However, the wicked problem lies within the smaller, and unrecognized companies. These are the ones who are wasting, and no one acknowledges it because all they see are the couple big ones doing good.

My wicked journey thus far has been really educational, and as enjoyable as an 8 AM class can be. I rekindled my love for sustainability and the world around me. I used to be so into sharing the good sustainability could do, but lost sight of it when I started okstate. Now I am re-excited about saving the planet.

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