Over consumption is A Problem & We are a problem

Leyla Ted talk was an explanation about how the western world is consuming so much energy and waste by big companies creating that waste and growing the waste by creating and taking charge into technologies by their own fortunes. Which explains another post that we have read the article that is called Western Values that arguing a defensive that western cavillation is ruining the environment while the No article is arguing that the western cavillation can help the environment more because their vast amount of fortune and money. I personally read both articles because I didn’t know we was supposed to do two separate articles so I read both and I personally understood both argument from the articles but I mostly agreed with the Yes article because it had more factually articles than the No it is proven that the Western Cavillation  is destroying the world but the over consumption and chemicals that is being put out into the earth while the No article was arguing that the non-western countries are actually polluting the Earth because their lack knowledge and the western can teach them with the technologies which is not true at all how can a luck of funds from a country pollute the ocean when they have no money.

The other article about the Suitability with clothes is pretty popular it kinds of ties into the Ted talk with Leyla and the Western Value article its about the vast amount of clothes and production that needs to be stopped because of trendy clothes which is being over produced and people are also over consuming this articles talks about how fashion companies need to find another way to turn down the amount of clothes. Which makes you think about the over consumptions of the clothes I have in closet and drawers that I don’t even sometimes ever wear because it something I don’t like I usually don’t like throwing away I clothes I tend to give it away when it is a time and place that I can’t hold my clothes anymore but me actually realizing that I taking part of polluting the world is such an eye opening experience.

All of this over consumption talk is actually kind of preparing me for the paper that I am going to write about, the over consumption of furniture I am an interior design student and I was aware that the amount of furniture and appliances that get thrown out daily constantly is also showing over consumption this is an example of an video that was shown to us in class about Merchandising & Sustainability this video was such an eye opening experience that companies are the ones encouraging  people to buy more things that we don’t need and the governments are not doing anything about it because its putting money in their pockets that is not honestly beneficial to nobody in the long run.

I am actually super excited to start activity 3 but I still have to get some of my research ready to this project my paper that I am going to write about is how can interior designers design furniture that is functional for middle class families or business that can be easy to clean and designed to hold more or grow with the family.

I learned a lot of things in this class mostly what I learned was how much energy we consume in the United States it is not honestly all of our faults but the companies fault by making ads and technology and making us think that we need more, more, more by giving us the same technologies but changing it up only a little bit.

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