Sustainability. The More You Know.

My view on wicked problems and sustainability has changed so much over the last 3 weeks. Leyla’s TED talk was very eye opening. There are things that she discussed that I do not normally think about every day. I never thought about the amount of waste that comes from a single person’s fridge. So many people, myself included, over buy when they get groceries and they go bad before they are eaten and then they end up in a land fill. She also talked about the importance of when you are grocery shopping and you have the option to choose the paper bag, because it is recyclable, decomposable, and often reusable.

With the talk of needing to be more earth friendly, I am going to touch on the Western Culture readings that we did last week. The fact that in the 1960s they knew that we were destroying the earth and that we were wearing down our supply of natural resources, but they did very little to help stop it is very saddening. To go along with the Western Culture reading I want to talk about the discussion we had about the Fashion & Sustainability reading. As a Merchandise major, I do not know that I necessarily thought about all of the bad things that my industry did to the earth. We have been a large contributor to pollution with fashion and furniture waste as well as things such as excess dye from fabrics getting into the water system causing water pollution. I learned about how fashion is just temporary because it trends change so frequently, which is why we have such an excess amount of fashion waste.

As I have been talking about all of the damage that the human race is causing to the earth I have not discussed much about Biophilia, which for those that do not know or may not remember it is the love of life and the living world. I feel like this whole time I have been speaking nothing, but negativity when in reality there are still some people that have an affinity for the Earth, so much so, that they go out of their way seeking every possible solution to try and make things right again and to them I salute. I may not practice the most sustainable way of living in my daily life, but there are people out there that do and if every one of us picks up just a few good habits here and there, we could help save the planet.

I am learning more and more about the wicked problem that I have chosen to research, which is furniture waste. I have learned that there are people taking wood furniture waste and turning it into 3D printing filament, as well as some companies that are making furniture easier to deconstruct and recycle if it is not reusable. There are so many things about furniture waste that very intriguing and I am continuing to learn.

I feel as though over the last three weeks I have learned so much about wicked problems and sustainability. I am starting to realize how much I take for granted in my life and that I should really think about more eco-friendly alternatives to things and think about recycling things more.

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