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what I have learned this past week has blown my mind. I have never though to think so much about sustainably and how much it effects us and our economy. For instance, when we watched Leyla’s Ted talk she did a good job on emphasizing the consumer part of sustainability. I never though how much impact my actions have on the planet. I found it very interesting when she talked about how to make a tea kettle more environmentally friendly. A lot of the companies want to make their product more environmentally friendly, but there are not taking the full steps. In one part of the ted talk she talks about how the guy in charged of electricity,  has to borrow it from other countries when everyone turns on their tea kettle to make tea. It showed me that people are not fully aware of how much impact small items have on the earth. The tea kettle isn’t very big, but when everyone uses it consumes a lot of energy. It made me wonder what other energy source we could use to heat up the water. It just something that not a lot of people sit and wonder about. It also showed me that people don’t think it is a big deal to use electricity and water. Most of the people don’t use all that water. It opened up my eyes and now every time I go to use anything I am more aware of the effects it has on the planet. In class when we began to talk about sustainability I had no idea what went all into it. It opened up more ideas to what other things in our normal life could help it. Western values did a great job on helping to explain what sustainability was all about. My take away from the reading was that we need sustainability to help our communities to grow, and that it will help have a positive contribution towards companies and of course our planet.  It showed me that we need to be more aware of everything that we buy and consume. I am more aware of everything I consume now. I try to stay away from non environmentally friendly objects and try and find environmentally friendly objects to help me with my every day life. This reading and fashion and sustainability have taught me a lot of things. I learned how important it is that what we make like clothing should be able to be reused or limit how much materials we use. It surprised me how much clothing’s and other everyday materials we use are in the landfills. The ted talks and the readings show how we can take steps to end this. I learned that we can make clothes out of a certain plant. This is not only environmentally friendly, but it is reusable. What stood out to me the most is that we know all these facts about how these products are hurting the planet and we have done such little steps to help our planet. I think we need to become aware of the big stuff, but also the small things in life. All of these things showed me that even the small things in life have a huge impact in our world. We need to learn how to use less materials, make them biodegradable or even have a universal sizing for everyone. We need to start taking bigger steps in order to see bigger positive outcomes towards our environment. One thing that I have learned about this past week is how much creating clothes has an effect on the earth. This class has done a really good job on emphasizing on every problem in the world. Especially ones you wouldn’t think about. Merchandising was one of them that I have never though about. I actually didn’t think there was any kind of solution for this, or how much impact it has on our planet. This week has showed me multiple solutions to help minimize energy and material we use for clothing. Doing all of that ties in with sustainability. Being able to practice sustainability will help the planet out in the long run. I  believe that my generation has a great opportunity to help out with this wicked problem. This class has allowed us to use or creative side in creating solutions for wicked problems. A lot of people have started on allowing merchandising to be sustainable. This is making the clothing able to be reused more than once or making clothing out of material we have never though about using before. This ties in for my wicked problem. I want to use more sustainable material when we are building a house. I have learned that more people than I thought have been moving towards an energy free house. I read an article about how hemp is a better material to use than wood. This could help with deforestation and it last way longer than wood. It is easier to plant and grows relatively fast compared to other plants. I have also learned that many people know this but still decided not to use it. It shows me how lazy a majority of the people are. There are a lot of alternative materials we could use but there are a couple of problems that lie in the way for it. For instance, I didn’t know how expensive it is to install solar panels, and since not a lot o people can grow hemp it makes it very expensive as well. A lot of the materials is to expensive for people to buy. It allows only rich people to buy it and not your ordinary people to get it. This is why a lot of people don’t make the switch. Also I believe it isn’t communicated very well to the public. Finally, I learned that we could be using bamboo as well to replace wood. Bamboo is stronger than wood and it last longer too. It has a lot of the same components to wood as well. I have learned a lot about my wicked problem during this past week, and I can’t wait to continue learning about it.




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